Reflecting on the past year: Anticipating 2024

As we transition from a remarkable 2023 into an exciting new year, we're proud to highlight our accomplishments and share our ambitious goals for 2024. Thanks to your invaluable support, we've reached significant milestones and are gearing up for more.

English Program Approval

Our much-anticipated English program has received official approval and is all set to begin early in 2024, promising an innovative learning experience.

Record Student Enrollments

This year saw the highest number of student enrollments in our history, a testament to your trust in our quality education.

Significant Cost Savings

By optimizing our processes, we've managed to save our students over 1 000 000 THB in fees and other expenses, easing their financial burden.

Website and Payment System Upgrade

To enhance accessibility for our international students, our website now includes a card payment option, simplifying the application and visa process.

Team Expansion and Skill Enhancement

We've successfully tripled our team size this year, bringing in diverse skills and fresh perspectives to enrich our educational offerings.

Now let's talk a little about our vision for growth and innovation in 2024!

Doubling Our Growth

We're setting ambitious targets to double our financial results, both in revenue and profits.

Expanding Our Team and Student Body

Our goal is to onboard even more exceptional individuals, both in terms of students and team members, to create a more dynamic learning environment.

Enhancing Facilities

Plans are underway to upgrade our facilities, including the addition of a full snack area and a comfortable co-working space, to improve the overall student experience.

Streamlining Operations

We're focused on further optimizing our internal procedures, aiming to provide fully automated student tracking, hassle-free schedule management, and easier class attendance.

Building Partnerships and Embracing Sustainability

We're actively seeking to establish Memorandums with various public, educational, and government sectors, while also exploring initiatives to participate in reducing our carbon footprint.

We're incredibly excited for what the future holds and grateful for your continued support. Here's to a 2024 filled with growth, learning, and success!

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Let's make the coming year unforgettable!


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