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A Comprehensive Guide to Studying English at Pro School


Pro School, known for its exceptional language programs, offers a well-structured and flexible course for those eager to learn English. In this article, we'll provide you with an in-depth overview of the process of studying English at Pro School, including course structure, duration, testing, certification, and the extensive support services they offer.

1. Course Structure and Duration

Pro School's English language program is designed to help students achieve proficiency in the language. The course is divided into three levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced, each with a specific duration:

  • Beginner Level: 3 months and 2 weeks (14 weeks)

  • Intermediate Level: 3 months and 2 weeks (14 weeks)

  • Advanced Level: 4 months and 2 weeks (18 weeks)

The program's total duration is 46 weeks, which is approximately 11.5 months, allowing you to make substantial progress in your English language skills.

2. Responsible Testing

At the conclusion of each level, Pro School administers a responsible test to assess your language proficiency. This evaluation ensures that you have gained the necessary skills to progress to the next level successfully.

3. Flexible Learning Options

We understand that every student is unique, and our language program offers flexibility. You can choose to enroll in one, two, or all three levels, based on your language learning goals and proficiency.

4. Transfer from Other Schools

Pro School welcomes students who have previously completed one or two levels at other language institutions and hold the relevant certificates. You can seamlessly continue your English language studies at Pro School, picking up from the appropriate level without repeating what you've already learned.

5. Certification and Licensing

Pro School is a licensed institution, accredited to provide English language education. They offer certificates upon successful completion of each level, which are recognized for both personal development and in professional contexts.

6. ED Visa Support

Pro School provides comprehensive assistance in obtaining Education (ED) visas for international students. These visas allow you to study in the country for the duration of your English language program, simplifying the process for foreign learners.

7. On-Site and Online Learning

Pro School offers flexibility in learning options, allowing you to choose between on-site and online classes. Each class has a duration of 2 hours and is conducted three times a week, ensuring a consistent and structured learning experience.

8. Support Services

Pro School goes beyond the classroom to provide valuable support services to its students:

  • Document Preparation and Immigration Office Support: Pro School offers assistance with document preparation, ensuring that students have all the necessary paperwork for their study in Thailand. Additionally, they provide support at immigration offices through specially trained staff, simplifying the immigration process and enhancing the overall experience for international learners.


Studying English at Pro School offers a structured and flexible learning experience that caters to your individual needs. With three distinct levels, responsible testing, certification, and the option for on-site or online learning, you have the tools and support to achieve your English language learning goals. Whether you are a beginner or looking to build on your existing knowledge, Pro School ensures that you progress steadily towards mastering the English language. All the support and services mentioned above are designed to make your language learning journey at Pro School seamless, efficient, and successful.


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