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    Opening a Bank Account

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    TM 30

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    Visa Extension

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1. Previous Visa

If you have previously held an "ED visa" or a "Working visa," it is essential to cancel it before applying for a new one. A cancellation stamp must be recorded in your passport. Failure to meet this condition will result in your new Visa application being denied.

2. Your Personal Information

The information you provide is used to complete important documents on your behalf. If any of your provided details change, such as your telephone number, address, or passport number, please promptly inform us. Keeping this information up-to-date is crucial for effective communication and compliance.

3. Opening a Bank Account

If you wish to open a Thai Bank Account, we recommend doing so within the first 2 months of your stay. Please inform us of your intention, and we will assist you in preparing the necessary documents for this process.

4. TM 30

TM 30 (Thai Immigration Form 30) is a mandatory duty for house owners. House owners are required to notify immigration authorities when a foreigner resides in their house or apartment. Typically, this notification is done through an online platform, and you will receive a screenshot as proof. House owners will also possess a paper receipt in case they need to visit immigration offices in person. Make sure to request a screenshot from the system or obtain a copy of the receipt as proof of compliance.

Note: Failure by the landlord to fulfill the TM 30 requirement may have adverse consequences, including potential impacts on your Visa Extensions, 90 Days Notification, and Re-entry Permit.

5. Visa Extension

Visa extensions are typically due every 60 or 90 days, depending on the discretion of the immigration officer. Please note that this timeline is determined by the immigration authorities, and we have no control over it. The date will be communicated with you at the beginning and you will receive a notification 14 days before your visa extension is due.

Note: Our representative will assist you throughout all your visits to the immigration office.

6. 90 Days Notification

Every foreigner staying in the country for more than 90 days must notify their address every 90 days. During your initial visa extension, this notification is automatically processed, and you will receive a notification receipt from the immigration officer. This receipt will indicate the next date for your 90-day notification.

Note: Failure to notify as required may result in a fine of 2,000 THB.

7. Re-entry Permit

If you plan to travel outside of Thailand during your educational period, please follow these steps:

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    Write a letter of absence to school. Mention the reason of your trip.

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    Apply for a Re-entry Permit before leaving Thailand.

    • You can obtain a "Re-entry Permit" at Immigration Division 1 (Chaengwattana) or at the Airport Immigration Checkpoint.
    • Cost: 1,000 Baht for single entry and 3,800 Baht for multiple entries (valid until your Visa Expiration Date).
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    Bring your passport to school within 7 days after returning to Thailand. Failure to complete this step may result in delays in processing your extension documents.

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