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    Refund Policy

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    Course Continuity

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    Regulations Compliance

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    Visa Matters

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    Additional Charges

1. Refund Policy

  • Fees are generally non-refundable, except if the Ministry of Education or Immigration Office denies the application. In this case, the tuition fee will be refunded, but a service fee of 8000 THB will be charged. Fees will not be refunded if you cancel the application by yourself at any stage.

2. Course Continuity

  • All courses must be taken continuously as per the school's curriculum.

3. Absences

  • In case of sickness lasting more than 3 days, please promptly inform the school by phone and provide a doctor's statement.
  • In emergencies, such as serious sickness or a death of a family member, students can request leave for up to 1 month.

4. Regulations Compliance

  • Failure to follow school regulations or unexplained absences may result in the school retaining the tuition fee. The school will also report such cases to the Ministry of Education and the Immigration Office.

5. Visa Matters

  • Changing to a non-immigrant ED Visa is only possible at Chaengwattana Division 1 Immigration Office.

6. Additional Charges

  • 3000 THB if the Royal Thai Police refuses your background check (applicable to certain nationalities).
  • 8000 THB if the Ministry of Education (MOE) denies the approval letter.
  • 8000 THB if the Immigration Office refuses to change your current visa to an ED visa.

*Note: An initial pre-payment of 50% is required at the application stage. The remaining tuition fee is due upon receipt of the approval letter from the Ministry of Education.

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